The 6 Best and Most Affordable VR Headsets for Android and iPhone Users

There are hundreds of new VR headsets coming out of the market these days because of the rising demand for the virtual experience.

Since app developers have made this experience available on smartphones, people have been looking for the best VR sets for their android and apple phones.

Here are 6 of the most affordable and reliable VR headsets out there!

Google Cardboard ($7.00 and up)

Source: Google Cardboard.
Source: Google Cardboard.

This simple VR set is probably the most inexpensive one out there, especially if you’re into value for money.

Although Google Cardboard doesn’t come with the functionality and wearability of other VR headsets, it comes with a sturdy housing. It’s universally compatible, so you don’t have to worry about the model of your phone. It has a capacitive, magnetic button for accessing your phone while it’s in VR mode.

The VR set is made from inexpensive materials and gives you an exciting experience as long as you’re willing to assemble it yourself. If you want to save lots of money without sacrificing the VR experience, Google Cardboard is for you.

Bobo VR Z4 Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones ($23.99 and up)

Source: Gadgets4Geeks.
Source: Gadgets4Geeks.

This is a pretty unique VR set because it has built-in speakers with a mini-jack for your phone (sorry iPhone 7 users). It has reasonable build quality but for its price, you’re getting what you paid for. Like the previous entry on this list, it also has an OK button for user interaction and controls for adjusting the focus of the lenses.

The Bobo VR Z4 is compatible with most 4”-6” phones, so you should have any problems with your device. It’s one of the best contenders on this list so you should consider buying this if it’s in your budget.

Shinecon/Tepoinn VR Headset ($16.31 and up)


One excellent feature of this headset is its dual-axis lens adjustment feature. It’s compatibility ranges from 3.5”-5.5” phones and it’s built very well for its price. However, the biggest device you’d probably be able to fit in it would be an iPhone 6s.

It’s surprisingly comfortable especially since you can adjust the focus of the lenses on the fly. The Tepoinn Vr is one of the cheaper sets on this list, so you’ll get a bang for your buck!

Merge VR Goggles ($59.99)

Source: Merge VR.
Source: Merge VR.

The Merge VR Goggles are slightly more expensive than the other ones on this list, but it does come in a flashy and comfortable design.  Like the Tepoinn VR set, it also has a lens adjustment system you can use to get your ideal viewing experience.

It comes with a soft type of foam and touch widgets you can use to interact with your phone. For its price, it’s an immersive VR set with an ingenious design and many colors to choose from.

The Merge VR Goggles set has a broad range of phone compatibility at 4”-7”, so you don’t have to worry about your extra large phone.  You’ll get a high-quality set for it’s slightly higher price, but it’ll be worth it.

Habor VR Glasses ($21.00 and up)

Source: Android Headlines.
Source: Android Headlines.

This VR set has two interesting features you might love. It comes with faux leather padding for comfort and blue lenses to protect your eyes like a blue light filter.

It also has twin-axis controls. However, it doesn’t come with a mechanism to control your phone. Having no buttons for a user interface if pretty difficult especially since it doesn’t come bundled with a Bluetooth controller.

Although, it does have an amazing build quality for its price. You just need to get a Bluetooth device to control your phone while you use it in VR mode.

It’s compatible with most 4”-6” phones so you wouldn’t have a problem with regular sized phones.

Fiit VR Headset ($19.99)

Source: Hybergrid Business.
Source: Hybergrid Business.

For as little as the said price, you’ll get an all-around set with huge compatibility! Like the previous entry on this list, it doesn’t have a button interphase, but it does have a full field of view at 102 degrees. It does everything you need it to do with phones from the 4”-6.5” range which is utterly incredible.

If you want a Bluetooth controller, there are bundles on amazon for about $20, which is inexpensive for the quality you’re getting.

The Fiit VR is another addition to the best value-for-money VR sets out there. You can’t go wrong with buying this one.

With these VR sets, you’ll get the amazing experience of virtual reality at a low cost!

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