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Make your memories last forever...
Transfer your Betamax Videos to DVD
Now your home movies can remain as clear
and enjoyable as the day you first made them.

Your tapes will never look the same again!
If you have Betamax tapes, transferring them to DVD will make them
last a lifetime. We can can transfer your Beta tapes into crystal clear DVD's.

Special Price only $24.95 (Reg. $50.00) plus S&H  
additional copies  1-5=$12.00     6-10=$8.00

Transferring a Tape to DVD is as easy as  1,  2,  3

Choose a Graphic or Background Design.

Choose a Graphic or Background Design.

Print out our Disc Transfer Order Form.

Print out our Disc Transfer Order Form.

Print out our Shipping Label, bring to your local Post Office & Mail. 

Print out our Shipping Label,
bring to your local Post Office & Mail. 

 It's That Simple! 

Once  we  receive  your  tapes  they  will
be  processed  &  shipped  within  24  hours

Our Price Includes:

Brand new recorded DVD Disc
Custom Color Printing on Disc
White Disc Sleeve w/window

Labor & Quality Control
24 Hour Turn-a-round

Up to 6 hours of high resolution video
(w/ digital stereo audio) can be put onto a single disc.

We can transfer tapes that were recorded at the Beta I, II, or III speed

Click Here for Questions & Answers on Video-to-DVD Transfers

If you are sending in more than 1 tape, use the
Tape to Disk Order Form and also the Multi Tape Order Form

We offer Free Custom Printing
You can choose from 100's of Graphics & Background Designs and we'll print your text directly onto the disc...   FREE

You can even use your own graphics,
company logo, art work or photo's.

We have the best in Direct-to-Disc Printing

    Our disc printers are the latest in state-of-the-art print systems. They offer remarkable quality with incredible print resolution.  All of your discs will have the sharpest text and graphics. Colors are bright, vibrant and photo-quality. Discs will look truly professional, creating a positive, lasting impression your customers will remember.

2.88 Million Pixels Per Square Inch

    We use advanced technology which produces an amazing 2.88 million pixels per square inch in up to 16.7 million colors. No matter what we print, the results will impress you and your customers. 

Here are some samples of our custom disk printing
Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing.
Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing.

Click Here for Custom Printing Information & More Samples

What you should have transferred to DVD?

  • Your wedding video.  Preserve that special day forever. An anniversary gift that will never be forgotten! 
  • Your children growing up.  Many parents take videos only to find that they are not playable after 10 years or so. Transferring them to DVD will allow them to be viewed by your great grandchildren!
  • Corporate sales and training materials.  An excellent way to make a major impression on your prospective clients with a crystal clear DVD. You could use them in almost all laptops and output to giant TV screens.

  • Family vacation footage. Put your favorite vacation tapes onto a DVD so they'll last forever.

  • Special events. Graduations, Sweet 16's, Baptisms, Sporting Events, Holidays, even the birth of your child!  These events come once in a lifetime...
     remember them for a lifetime on  DVD.

  • Anything you want preserved in the highest quality!

Facts about DVD's

DVD is next generation technology.

Audio & Video quality is far
     superior to VHS tapes.

Video quality will Never deteriorate.
     Even after 500 plays.

A disc should last well over 100 years.

Disc's are not affected by dust, dirt,
     moisture or humidity.

DVD's can contain up to 6 hours of
     high quality video w/ stereo audio.

Need  more info,  check out  our
Disc Transfer FAQ's or
call us Toll Free 800 662-8336

Click Here to find out why High-Tech Productions is your source for DVD's

A word about transferring old Betamax tapes.
Because most Betamax tapes are over 20 years old, sometimes they just will not produce a viewable image anymore. Ideally, they were stored in a dust free, low humidity, temperature controlled environment. They also need to be fast forward & rewound every 6-12 months or the metal recording particles begin to stick to the back of the tape and cause drop-outs and distortion. We have the latest, most up to date Beta systems, but should your tape fail to produce a satisfactory image, you will not be charged (except for return shipping) and your tape will be returned to you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Our Guarantee Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind every service and product we sell.
If you
receive a defective disc we will be happy to make an exchange.
Simply return
it to us within 30 days via UPS or Federal Express.
Click Here for complete information and our returns policy.

High-Tech Productions
America's #1 Video / Data / Disc Company
Serving clients coast-to-coast for almost 30 years.

    Our Customers Include:     
Hewlett Packard


Penn State,  U.S. Navy,  Bloomingdale's, U.S. Postal Service,  U.S. Secret Service,  Estee Lauder,  U.S. Coast Guard,  NYU,  U.S. College of Aviation,  U.S. Naval Academy,  University of Alabama,  U.S. Dept. of Energy,  Sunbeam,  Ohio State University,  Wolf Camera,  Sea Ray Boats,  Aramis International,  Westinghouse,  FEMA,  John Hopkins University,
U.S. Dept of Agriculture,  and  many  more.

* A word on DVD compatibility:

Not every disc is compatible with every disc player on the market. Our disc
transfers will work on almost all DVD players and computers with DVD drives.

The following company's offer players that are compatible with DVD-R.

Aiwa * Apex Digital * Denon * Digitron * Emerson * GO-Video

Harman-Kardon * Hitachi * JVC * Magnavox * Memorex * Panasonic

Philips * Pioneer * Proscan * Raite * RCA * Samsung * Sharp * SMC

Sony * Sylvania * Technics * Toshiba * Tredex * Yamaha * Zenith

This information is per manufactures specifications. The individual
results of some DVD players may vary depending on the specific model.

If in doubt, check your owners manual or
Click Here for more info.
Please note: DVD transfers are Not refundable due to incompatibility problems.

Would you like to get better quality transfers and copies? See:

and start getting
better results!

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Blank  Tape,  Boxes,  Labels  &  Shippers

Fuji * 3M * BASF * TDK * Sony * Panasonic *
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Mini DV, DV, DVCam & DVCPRO tapes at 20% - 50% Off Retail Prices

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