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We can duplicate your CD's & print in
Full Color  directly onto the disks utilizing
the latest in state-of-the-art equipment.

24 Hour turn-around!
No hidden costs or setup fees!

Having a Disk Duplicated is as easy as  1,  2,  3

Look up pricing for your CD or DVD order.

Choose a Graphic or Background Design

Print out our CD or  DVD order form.

Print out our Disc Duplication Form.

Print out our CD or DVD shipping label, bring to your local Post Office & Mail. 

Print out our Shipping Label, bring to your local Post Office & Mail. 

 It's That Simple! 

We offer Free Custom Printing
You can choose from 100's of Graphics &
Background Designs and we'll print your
text directly onto the disc... 

Use your own custom graphics,
company logo, art work or photo's.
(1 time set-up fee $25.00)
E-Mail Your Custom Artwork Here
Click Here for Printing Info, Graphics, Logos & Samples

CD Duplication Pricing

Number of Copies Cost per Copy Price Includes:

Brand Name, High Grade
Blank DVD Media

Duplication from your
supplied Master Disc

Full Color Printing
Directly onto Disc

 White Sleeve
w/ See-Thru Window

All Labor &
Quality Control

24 Hour Turnaround
(on most orders)

1 - 5


6 - 10 $3.00
11 - 25 $2.50
26 - 100 $2.20
101 - 250 $2.05
251 - 500 $1.90
501 - 1,000 $1.85
1,001 - 2,500 $2.80
2,501 - 5,000 $1.75
5,001 - 10,000 $1.60
10,001 - 25,000 $1.55
25,001 - 50,000 $1.50
50,000 - 100,000 $1.45
100,001 & Up $1.35

Choose from Various Styles of Packaging

Disc Sleeve
Slim Style
Jewel Case
 Amray/Disney Style
Case w/ Full Sleeve
Click for more Information on the Disc Sleeves. Click for more Information on the Slim Style Jewel Case Click for more Information on the Amray/Disney Style Disc Cases
w/ See-Thru Window Black w/ Clear Top in White or Black
FREE with each Disc add .15 per Disc add .39 per Disc
Click for Info Click for Info Click for Info

Have questions? See our CD Duplication FAQ's

Full Color printing is included at no extra cost.

We can duplicate Any Format Disc

Audio CD * Video CD * Photo CD * CD-I * CD-R

CD-RW * CD ROM * CD Plus (Enhanced Audio CD's)

Click Here for a complete list of Disc formats that can be duplicated.

Here are samples of disks that we have duplicated

Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing.

We have the best in Direct-to-Disc Printing

    Our disc printers are the latest in state-of-the-art print systems. They offer remarkable quality with incredible print resolution.  All of your discs will have the sharpest text and graphics. Colors are bright, vibrant and photo-quality. Discs will look truly professional, creating a positive, lasting impression your customers will remember.

2.88 Million Pixels Per Square Inch

    We use advanced technology which produces an amazing 2.88 million pixels per square inch in up to 16.7 million colors. No matter what we print, the results will impress you and your customers. 
Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing. Click on image for more information on custom disk printing.

Save on Shipping Charges, Click Here for Info

Once we receive
your order, it will be processed & shipped
within  24  hours



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We Accept

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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* Please Note *
Software & Video Piracy is a Federal Offense.
We will neither accept nor perform any illegal duplication.
For more information, see our
Copyright Info Page


Our Studio Runs
24 X 7

Need more info on
Disk Duplication,
check out our


We accept
We Accept All Major Credit Cards


We can also
transfer your video tapes to real DVD Digital Disc's,

where the
memories will 
last forever.
Click Here
for Complete Info

High-Tech Productions
America's #1 Video / Data / Disc Company
Serving clients coast-to-coast for over 30 years.




U.S. Coast Guard

If you burn your own CD's or DVD's,
we can custom print blank disc's for you. Click Here for info on our Custom Printed Blank Disc's

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