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Here are some Do's & Don'ts for
CD, DVD & Blu-ray Disc's


  • Only handle the disc from the outer edges or the inner core.

  • Store disc's in a cool, dry, and dark environment away from direct sun light, high temperatures and humidity.

  • Always place disc's back in their jewel cases after use.

  • Try to keep dirt and any other foreign material away from the disc. 

  • Clean disc's with an approved method if they do get dirty or smudged.

  • Keep disc's stored in their original protective cases.

  • Store disc's in an upright position for long term storage.

  • Remove the shrink wrap only when you are ready to use the disc. Keeping it on till then protects the disc.

  • Always let disc get to room temperature before placing in disc drive. If you had the disc outside in high or low temperatures, wait at least 15 minutes before using.

  • Use a professional duplication company if multiple copies are needed for your disc's. Using your own equipment to burn copies is very time consuming and will lead to pre-mature equipment failure. Plus, professional companies are much more skilled at printing full color disc's that look good.
    Click Here for more information on disc duplication.


  • Never touch the surface of the disc.

  • Never expose disc's to sunlight, UV ray's or high temperatures.

  • Try to prevent disc's from being in freezing temperatures.

  • Don't scratch or put fingerprints onto the disc.

  • Try not to bend the disc, especially when taking it out of a jewel case. Bent or warped disc's won't play correctly, if at all.

  • Never use a ball point pen to write on a disc. Only use soft marker's.

  • Try not to store disc's laying flat for long periods of time.

  • Never use disc's immediately after being in cold or hot environments.

  • Never use labels on disc's. They can eventually come off and this could ruin a disc drive or player.

  • Don't try to make massive copies of your disc's, let a professional duplication company handle that for you. It will ultimately be less expensive then replacing your costly drives.
    Click Here for more information on disc duplication.

High-Tech Productions customer service staff are experts in Disc duplication. If you have any questions, just phone our customer support department toll free 800-662-8336.

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