Top 10 Free Video Editing Software for Windows

Thanks to technological advancements, people are getting computers with higher specs and buying cameras with better quality. Even smartphone cameras nowadays have superior capabilities.

People are starting to get into the video editing business because of all the available technologies, but most professional video editing software aren’t cheap.

Thankfully, there are many open source software you can use for your editing needs! They have their pros and cons, but using them wisely and strategically may give you an amazing video editing experience.

Here are ten of the best video editing software you can get for free.

1. Windows Movie Maker

This software usually comes built in with the Windows operating system, and it’s very user-friendly. Utilizing drag-and-drop and other transition effects, you can create a video with stock video transitions, titles, credits, audio tracks, narration and other effects. Using an XML code, you may modify or add your desired effects and transitions to the software if you’re looking to make a more versatile video.


2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is another free software capable of editing your videos with multiple features. It mostly has the same features as Windows Movie Maker, but you can edit your videos with batch processing and use third-party video filters with a huge number of files.


3. Wax

Wax is one of the most flexible freeware used by professionals and beginners alike. The beauty of this software is its flexibility because you can use it on its own or use it as a plugin in other video editing programs. However, it limits itself with its functions with lesser sound effects, titles, and transitions. To get the best editing experience, combine wax with other third-party software.


4. Avidemux

This is another simple editor you can use for your everyday video needs. Its simplicity makes it a formidable addition to this list because it supports many file formats including .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, and .asf. It also comes with a significant amount of codecs for managing your videos. If your videos need some subtle edits, Avidemux is perfect for you.


5. FFMpeg

Although FFMpeg requires an initial payment, it gives you access to loads of free software for recording, converting and streaming. These include libavcodec and libavformat for your codec library and container mux/demux library.


6. Blender

If you’re looking for software capable of 3D rendering, Blender is the freeware for you! This software is an open source program supporting all operating systems. It has amazing features including modeling tools, character animation, node-based material, and other tools. This is known as one of the best video editing software for multiple operating systems, so if you’re into 3D rendering and special effects, you should try Blender out!


7. ZS4 Video Editor

For home use and simple editing, ZS4 Video Editor is another software for your consideration. It’s ideal for combining photos, audio files, videos and saving them in different files extensions.


8. Cinefx Jahshaka

For an open source program, Jahshaka is one of the best real-time editing effects systems in the world because it’s the first of its kind.

It utilizes OpenGL and OpenML to give its users epic performance. This is a multi-platform software to try out especially if you’re looking to create professional videos.


9. Lightworks

Lightworks may have an overwhelming interface, but it’s free anyway. Thankfully it has a ton of effects to choose from. It may take some time to get used to the software because of its technical user interface, but with enough practice, you should be able to create excellent videos and photo montages.


10. Movica

Being one of the best video editing software for Windows, Movica allows the user to make quick edits because of its efficient keyboard shortcuts. It has full support for many file extensions and formats including .flv, .wmv, and .mpeg.


These different programs all have their styles and techniques to master when editing videos, so try all of them and see which one suits you best since they’re free anyway.

Thanks to the innovation of open source programs, we can use better software for less or no cost at all for video editing.

Stay tuned for more software reviews for Windows and Apple computers!

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