how to use health and fitness trackers on your phone 

Unlike gym memberships, you can bring health and fitness trackers with you everywhere on the go. However, while we often think just a simple download can change our lives; we often lose motivation even with the novelty wears. Many users are often unsure of how to use trackers and gain the most benefits. So how you do use them to help turn your health and fitness activity trackers into a tool for your daily life?

Here’s how to use health and fitness trackers on your phone?

Approach your tracker using the right mindset

While you may have gotten your tracker, this doesn’t mean you will automatically get fit. Consider the tracker as a tool and use it according to its directions. It is a great aid for motivation; however, it will not replace your desire to achieve a healthy body. If you don’t use it properly, the device won’t help. It takes hard work a change of habits to bring success.

Skip the Calorie Counting Trackers

Most fitness trackers that count calories are inaccurate. They will use your readings based on a minimal vital states such as your age, height, gender, and weight. This means it doesn’t represent just how your body is burning. You can combine your device along with a heart rate monitor or purchase a tracker that comes with a built-in BPM sensor. This will help improve results. Avoid using fitness bands that calculate how much calories your body consumes in a day.

Set your mission and limits

Most fitness trackers already come with goals that may work great if that’s what you’re looking for. However, your current lifestyle may not mean you will match these targets, or even complete them with ease. However, we all know that continuing what you’ve been doing will not help you achieve the change you’ve been looking for. Use the fitness tracker to see how your results compare to previous sets and modify the targets to fit your demands.

Create challenges

Create challenges with your list. One major issue with fitness trackers is how they will record how much you move throughout day but not have much of an effect on your daily habits. You can change that by creating daily challenges that you must target through the day. Go for a walk on your way to work or on breaks, work out, and do some yoga.

Allow your body to take the challenge of completing at least 1,000 steps a day. While this may seem challenging, these types of targets will help you stay focused on your goals throughout the day instead of at the end of the day.

Don’t Remove Your Tracker

If you’re already wearing a fitness tracker, the may notice that the battery might start to run low at the most inconvenient moments. Don’t get stuck in this trap. Buy a tracker that doesn’t need daily charging. You can choose to allow the tracker band to charge as you sleep but be sure to wear it immediately once you wake up.

Researchers say that writing down what goes into your meals will make you more conscious of the foods you consume. While this isn’t surprising, you will quickly notice how much you’ve eaten and the health decisions you make. This can be the biggest alarm for you as you will realize your portion size, calories, and weight. MyFitnessPal is an excellent health tracking app that will sync with most fit trackers and keep you ahead of your diet.

Find tracking tools that work well together

When it comes to fitness trackers, they can be ideal for improving your activity but can also be limited to when you actually work out. If you’re an avid cyclist, swimmer, or runner, you may use a different tracking tool to measure your performance. Whenever possible, find apps, products, and trackers that works as one. If you are able to track your activity, diet, and blood pressure, and scale all synced up to one and create an accurate picture of your progress without the hassle of using multiple websites or apps to view your progress.

Buying a tracker that will help you achieve your goals even while you sleep will help you to stay on track. Be sure to check out the best wearable that syncs the portable devices to share data with the given apps. Apple’s health app and Google Fit for users are known for helping you achieve progress. The Smart Body Analyzer Scale will pair well with other health apps to give you a set caloric budget along with weekly reports on your progress.

Do you have a favorite health and fitness tracker that’s helped you achieve your weight goals? Comment below and tell us your favorite!

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