HP Pro Slate 8: The Improvements

The HP Pro Slate 8, which has been released in January 2015, is such a very excellent option that you can choose on the market today. This amazing device will be the perfect stuff that can support both of your communication in a great way. Even better, it can also help you to do your tasks well as it has been complemented with the numerous magnificent improvements. Fortunately, you can actually find out about those improvements of the HP Pro Slate 8 be reading below.

– The body and display
You will definitely find one of the impressive improvements of the HP Pro Slate 8 when you really notice its body. There is a fabulous design of the device, which is 207x137x8mm and 350 grams of weight, can definitely suit you as you can carry it easily in your bag. So then, it will never be a problem for you as you can bring it wherever and whenever you want to go effortlessly. Not only that, the grey color of the body will really increase the elegant and stunning look of the smart device surely. So, do not ever be surprised that it can complete your awesome style remarkably. Furthermore, the display of the HP Pro Slate 8, which is IPS LCD capacitive Touchscreen, is something else because it can show you the vibrant and attractive colors through its wide screen. It is all because of the 1536×2048 pixels of resolution that shows you up to 16 million colors.

HP Pro Slate 8 The Improvements– The camera and features
Next, the HP Pro Slate 8 has the good cameras to offer to you, which are the 8 megapixels rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera. All of them will be able to capture your moments superbly whether you want to take pictures or video. Besides, it is supported with so many features that can excite you so much. Some of those are like Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC,GPS, microUSB 2.0, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, 2.3 GHz quad core processor, proximity sensor, accelerator sensor, barometer, compass, and so on. So, all of this stuff can be the exact reason why you can get all of your tasks done using the device, which can be ranging from saving your data to printing your files. Thus, it is clear that this equipment can make your works simpler to do, so that you do not have to waste your time and energy too much in order to get the best quality results that you require.

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