Introducing iPhone XC, the Cheaper Kind of iPhone X

iPhone X is revolutionary in many fronts. Its performance is exceptional while its design is groundbreaking. But those are not the only areas the phone is being superb at. Its price is also chocking. Many have questioned if it was a great decision to put the iPhone X at a price range only the rich seems capable of affording. In reality, there are still many out there who crave for the phone but can only dream of even touching it. Now, good news for has surfaced and it might be one that could be kind to your wallet. Apple HQ is rumored to be working on a cheaper version of the overpriced X, the iPhone XC.

The base model for last year’s cheapest iPhone cost £699. Leaks about the new affordable iPhone X’s sequel popped up in China in a slide that also includes two other iPhone models: the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. The slide mentions of iPhone XC as being an LCD screen of 6.1 inches. It was thought that Apple sought to name this particular phone the iPhone 9 but the company might have changed their mind on this matter. So, the next question would be when it will be out.

Apple will be holding a major event for iPhone launch at Apple Park campus in California soon on September 12, local time. It is expected that the three iPhone models are to be unveiled at this event but they could go on sale way later following the event. Preorder is expected to open on September 14 while the phones are expected to hit the stores (and delivered to customers) from September 21 onwards. iPhone’s design remains unchanged for many years. In 2017, however, everything changed with the introduction of iPhone X, which did away with bezels and physical button.

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