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ational Television System Committee

Lines/Field 525/60
Horizontal Frequency 15.734 kHz
Vertical Frequency 60 Hz
Color Subcarrier Frequency 3.579545 MHz
Video Bandwidth 4.2 MHz
Sound Carrier 4.5 MHz

The following  countries  use  the NTSC system

Canada uses the NTSC video system         Estonia uses the NTSC video system         The United States uses the NTSC video system         Zaire uses the NTSC video system         Puerto Rico uses the NTSC video system

Antigua El Salvador Philippines
Bahamas Ecuador Puerto Rico
Barbados Guam Saipan
Barbuda Guatemala Samoa
Belize Haiti South Korea
Bermuda Honduras Saint Kitts
Bolivia Jamaica Saint Lucia
Burma Japan Saint Vincent
Cambodia Mexico Surinam
Canada Midway Islands Taiwan
Cayman Islands Netherland Antilles Tobago
Chile Nicaragua Trinidad
Colombia North Mariana Island United States
Costa Rica Panama Venezuela
Cuba Peru Virgin Islands


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