Observing the Direction of Smartphones’ Future Shape with Samsung’s Foldable Phone

The fact that the designs of smartphones tend to be very reductive and iterative becomes something that everyone complaining about the industry of smartphone these days. Each and every one of the smartphones released these days feature all the same things.

They have a rectangular shape with displays upfront, camera and perhaps a fingerprint sensor at the back, buttons on the side, and a charging port at the bottom. Granted, there are some others that defy the convention and here we have phones with a notched display, a backside screen, or curved displays. But even then they are very scarce and far between.

Samsung has been teasing everyone with their folding smartphone design, an idea so revolutionary it’s almost unbelievable. But a tease after a tease, the rumored phone stays that way, a rumor. Until recently, that is, when the president of Samsung Mobile announced that details surrounding folding phone is coming later this year. The fact that the president himself lets out such information is a big thing since Samsung is typically tight-lipped regarding this matter. It also goes to show that the phone’s launch date is closer that it has ever been before.

For many years, Samsung has been reported to be working on bendable OLED displays. The first prototype was unveiled in 2012. Since then, it has also been reported that the giant company is working on smartphones with dual screen. This seems to be Samsung’s effort to bring to the market another kind of device.

In an interview, the president of Samsung Mobile did drop hint about when details for the folding phone are to be unveiled but there were no hints as to what to expect out of the phone. He also said that the phone and its feature will surely leave everyone in awe.

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