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hase Alternating Line





Line/Field 625/50 625/50 525/60
Horizontal Freq. 15.625 kHz 15.625 kHz 15.750 kHz
Vertical Freq. 50 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
Color Sub Carrier 4.433618 MHz 3.582056 MHz 3.575611 MHz
Video Bandwidth 5.0 MHz 4.2 MHz 4.2 MHz
Sound Carrier 5.5 MHz 4.5 MHz 4.5 MHz

The following  countries  use  the P A L system

Argentina uses the PAL video system         Germany uses the PAL video system         The UK uses the PAL video system         Italy uses the PAL video system         Australia uses the PAL video system

Afghanistan Holland Portugal

Hong Kong

Algeria Iceland Romania
Angola India Singapore
Argentina ** Indonesia Somalia
Australia Ireland South Africa
Austria Israel S.W. Africa
Azores Italy Spain
Baharain Jordan Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Kenya Sudan
Belgium Kuwait Swaziland
Botswana Laos Sweden
Brazil * Liberia Switzerland
Brunei Madeire Tanzania
Cameroon Malaysia Thailand
Canary Islands Malta Turkey
Cyprus Mozambique Uganda
Denmark Nepal United Arab Emirates
Dubai New Guinea United Kingdom
England New Zealand Uruguay **
Ethiopia Nigeria West Germany
Faeroe Islands North Korea Yemen
Finland Norway Yugoslavia
Ghana Oman Zambia
Gibraltar Pakistan Zimbabwe
Guinea Paraguay ** * = PAL- M
Greenland Poland * * = PAL- N

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