The  S E C A M  Video System
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equential Couleur Avec Memoire
or Sequential Color with Memory




Line/Field 625/50 625/50
Horizontal Frequency 15.625 kHz 15.625 kHz
Vertical Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Video Bandwidth 5.0 MHz 6.0 MHz
Sound Carrier 5.5 MHz 6.5 MHz

The following countries use the S E C A M system

Egypt uses the SECAM video system        Bulgaria uses the SECAM video system        France uses the SECAM video system        Luxemburg uses the SECAM video system        Mongolia uses the SECAM video system

Armenia Greece Monaco
Azerbaijan Guadeloupe Mongolia
Belarus Guyana Republic Morocco
Benin Hungary New Caledonia
Bosnia Iran Niger
Bulgaria Iraq Russia
Burundi Ivory Coast Saint Pierre
Chad Latvia Saudi Arabia *
Congo Lebanon Senegal
Croatia Libya Slovenia
Czechoslovakia Liechtenstein Syria
Dijibouri Lithuania Tahiti
East Germany Luxemburg Togo
Egypt Madagascar Tunisia
Estonia Mali Ukraine
France Martinique Zaire
French Guyana Mauritania  
Gabon Mauritius * = MESECAM

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