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Indian Head Test Pattern


Probably the most famous American B&W test pattern is the so-called "Indian Head" monoscope pattern. It was originated by RCA in 1939.


This NBC test pattern actually dates back to 1941, when commercial TV broadcasts began in America.


NBC Test Pattern


Belgium Test Pattern This is the 16:9 PAL version of the Philips test pattern as used by BRT, the Dutch-language Belgian broadcast organization.

This test pattern started to be used in the 1980's by video enthusiasts and studios in the United States.


Click Image for a full size version you can save to your computer.

This is the standard set of color bars that are used by video studios throughout the world.

Click Here for a full size version


These are a few excerpts from TV Test Patterns from Around the World. This site includes test patterns from the BBC, North America and lots more.

Click Here for a history of Film & Television

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