The Most Useful Features Brought about by Android Pie

Android Pie is officially here although it is still limited to certain types of phone. Google officially rolled out its latest Android flavor in early August 2018. The update was only pushed to Google Pixel phones for the time being with partners in the Android P project are set to roll their own take on the update in the coming months. So, aside from new look and feel, is there anything else to expect of this new flavor of the operating system? As it turns out, Google did not only focus on the esthetics. Several new tools and features are also included.

There is now a screenshot tool presented in a simplified interface. The Screenshot option will be offered after pressing and holding the power button. The old method of taking screenshot can still be used. Once the image is saved, an Edit button will appear on the preview notification. Choosing it will allow for drawing, cropping, or highlighting before sharing. A lockdown mode is included on this update for extra security. The feature will disable the fingerprint sensor or voice unlock. It will immediately revert to a backup unlock method such as a PIN or a pattern unlock.

The Most Useful Features Brought about by Android PieGesture navigation is another feature added to the new update. Android is known for its three-button navigation. Now, you can completely abandon that method and resort to gesturing over the screen instead. A single home button is provided. The button can be tapped once to go back to home screen, swiped right to go back, swiped up to view recent apps, or swiped left to switch between apps. Battery status is now displayed on the ambient screen. The battery percentage can be seen at the bottom of the display. Some phones already feature battery percentage but it can give users more info in the process.

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