Top VR Games You Need to Play Right Now

Choosing the best VR games can be a challenge as there are just so many titles to choose. With games like Battlezone and the Climb, we’ve narrowed down our top favorites that you should try.

Here are the top VR games you need to play right now.

Superhot VR


The creators described the game as the FPS where time moves when you do. Superhot VR comes with a dual-wielding acting that is improved by the Oculus Touch controllers. The game is set to launch on December 6.

Elite: Dangerous


Since its humble beginnings thirty years ago, the Elite franchise has still managed to draw elements from the first game, such as exploring trading and engaging in combat within a generated universe. The Elite game depicts our galaxy in the future. Not to mention, the gameplay is multiplayer, making it more real than ever before.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Created by Steal Crate Games, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes requires attention from a group of players where they must defuse a bomb while others provide clear instructions on how to do so. This requires extreme patience and cooperation. Keep talking and nobody explodes is a fun game that is much more enjoying in VR.

Batman: Arkham VR


While the franchise is already available on traditional platforms, Batman: Arkham is more of a self-detective story rather than a prequel or sequel to the already established games. The DLC-sized story mission is more than you can expect.

Job Simulator


The game takes place in the year 2050, where careers like mechanics and chefs are no longer needed. Job simulator now takes the jobs and exhibits them in a museum. The museum is operated by robots that aren’t exactly accurate. You can choose from four positions including a store clerk, gourmet chef, auto mechanic and office worker – all provided with a sardonic twist.

Surgeon Simulator 2013


Surgeon Simulator 2013 focuses on aliens. However, the objective is to perform advanced surgical procedures such as brain and heart transplants with the VR interface.

Minecraft VR


As the world’s most popular games, Minecraft has arrived on VR. With a theater view, you can explore the world of Minecraft and protect the landscape from creepers at night.

Hover Junkers


The plotline of the story makes little sense as Earth has run out of water. This means that everybody is running around fighting each other. Hover Junkers is a multiplayer game that’s fun to play. As opposed to non-VR shooters, you can troll other players and do as you please.

Eve: Valkyrie


Don’t expect any epic game to make you the least bit sick. The game has evolved into a fast, team-based fighting simulator that takes place in space. While the game is less realistic than others on the list, it to a bit more arcade-like. What makes Valkyrie a top favorite is the cross-play. Players on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR can all play against each other on the same server.

Driveclub VR


While Driveclub isn’t exactly the best game on the PS4, it is much more enjoyable on the VR, especially if you use a steering wheel. You can even turn your head to the sides and make more precise turns to see another dimension in driving. The game features over 100 tracks and 80 cars to choose. One minor drawback is the graphics when compared to its console version.

Rez Infinite


While Rez is an enjoyable game, it also does an excellent job of showing how great the VR can do visually. The sounds and colors completely engage the players and is even considered to be one of the most intense VR games due to its sensory overload.



You can’t expect us NOT to list Battlezone. This classic game is getting a major update with an 80’s vibe but with the primitive graphics to simulate a 3D environment. Similar to EVE: Valkyrie and Driveclub, the major selling points is how you control the vehicle with its wide assortment of equipment. The games’ graphics are highly stylized to make the game stand out from the rest.

Expect more top-quality games to launch within the next year as Resident Evil 7 is among the top of our list. Hopefully, we will see a variety of games that will surely justify the VR system.

Do you own a VR? If so, what kind do you have and what games do you enjoy? Comment below and let us know.

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