Watch Out, iPhone X! There’s a New Expensive Phone in the Horizon

The Galaxy S10 is claimed to be the most expensive the company has ever put out—even making iPhone X seem cheap. The reason behind this? Its inclusion of the 5G tech. The Galaxy S10 is to sport a display of 6.44 inches and comes with not one, not two, but five cameras (two on the front, three at the back). The S10 line is set to unveil at CES in 2019 and may hit the market after March 5. All three models in the lineup are equipped with in-screen fingerprint sensor. Two models are of high-end market and feature an ultrasonic display, under which a fingerprint sensor is embedded. The other one is of entry level and uses an optical fingerprint sensor.

Qualcomm is thought to be the one supplying the S10 with the ultrasonic sensor. The sensor will create 3D-mapped fingerprint to scan digits, working more accurately than the traditional scanners. Light, sweat, or grease has nothing on the way the sensor works. The optical sensor, on the other hand, is way cheaper than the ultrasonic. It works the way a digital camera does and may not work as accurate as the ultrasonic one as extraneous factors may affect its scanning task.

Samsung is also reported to develop its own GPU. The new GPU is claimed to be able to put Samsung on par with Apple with a design so good it can be used in every platform—from supercomputers to cockpits. The S10 is said to feature smaller bezels, unlike S9, which is an exact copy of the S8. The screen to body ratio of the S10 will be much more improved than the S9, at around 90%. The presence of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor could mean the end of the physical home button. It also has a number of advantages over the optical kind of scanners.

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